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Joystiq pushes play with Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

Candace Savino
Want to know what songs to expect in Guitar Hero: Aerosmith? Thanks to our useless hard-working friends at Joystiq, we can give you an idea of what to expect -- at least partially. Our favorite all-encompassing video game blog also got its hands on the upcoming game, essentially describing it as Guitar Hero III, only with more Aerosmith. So, if you liked the third game or just enjoy songs like "Sweet Emotion," there's a good chance that you'll be swayed to pick this one up.

As promised, there are also some non-Aerosmith songs to look forward to, although Steven Tyler and company dominate the playlist. To give you an idea of what to expect, fourteen of the twenty-five revealed tracks are Aerosmith songs.

Click on past the break to see the partial list in its entirety, or just head on over to Joystiq.

Venue: Nipmuc High School

  • Mott the Hoople – "All the Young Dudes" (Cover)
  • Cheap Trick – "Dream Police"
  • Aerosmith – "Make It"
  • Aerosmith – "Uncle Salty"
  • Aerosmith – "Draw the Line"
Venue: Max's Kansas City
  • Joan Jett – "I Hate Myself for Loving You"
  • The Kinks – "All Day and All of the Night" (Cover)
  • Aerosmith – "Movin' Out"
  • Aerosmith – "No Surprize"
  • Aerosmith – "Sweet Emotion"
Venue: The Orpheum Theater
  • The Clash – "Complete Control"
  • New York Dolls – "Personality Crisis" (Cover)
  • Aerosmith – "Livin' on the Edge"
  • Aersomith – "Ragdoll"
  • Aerosmith – "Love in an Elevator"
Venue: Half Time Show
  • Lenny Kravitz – "Always on the Run"
  • Black Crowes – "Hard to Handle" (Cover)
  • Aerosmith – "Back in the Saddle"
  • Aerosmith – "Beyond Beautiful"
  • Aerosmith – "Dream On"
Venue: Moscow
  • The Cult – She Sells Sanctuary"
  • Run-D.M.C. – "King of Rock"
  • Aerosmith – "Bright Light Fright"
  • Aerosmith – "Nobody's Fault"
  • Run-D.M.C. featuring Aerosmith – "Walk This Way"

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