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UK getting new, superior DS Download Stations


Until recently, the UK supposedly had 600 DS Download Stations dotted about its high streets. Exactly where these were located will probably forever remain a mystery -- this blogger resides in one of the largest UK cities, yet still hasn't seen a single Download Station in the wild.

Fortunately, that could be about to change, and soon. The latest issue of Official Nintendo Magazine reveals that Nintendo has plans to launch a bunch of new 'DS Download Center' stands to UK retailers and supermarkets, including chains such as GAME, Gamestation, HMV, and others.

These aren't just any old DS Download Centers, either. With the old style of Download Center now extinct in British stores, this new breed will come equipped with a DS Lite for trying out demos (we give the styluses a week before they're swiped by ne'er-do-good street urchins), along with a video screen so that annoying curious passers-by can peek in at what's happening on your screens. Nintendo is also promising that many demos will be downloadable, and will feature some of the latest games; which should make a change from the drab offerings we currently have here on the Nintendo Channel.

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