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Jason Hall: From Monolith to WBIE to 'The Jace Hall Show'

Mr. N'Gai Croal has the first trailer for Jason Hall's new web-show, The Jace Hall Show. Perhaps sensing your inevitable query – "Who is Jason Hall and what's his show about?" – N'Gai has laid out his story in a helpful FAQ format where he attempts to answer just such questions.

First, Jace Hall is Jason Hall, formerly of Monolith and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Second, this isn't GTTV; Hall says it's more like Curb Your Enthusiasm or The Office meets Jimmy Kimmel. More to the point, it's a show about people instead of products – nevertheless, the teaser shows Hall infiltrating the offices of 3D Realms demanding to see the mythical Duke Nukem Forever, which has some corners of the internet wondering aloud if the inaugural episode of The Jace Hall show is going to feature some major league product news.

We'll find out soon: the show is free on Sony's later today (the site is being relaunched), as well as the Xbox Live Marketplace with accompanying $1 pricetag.

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