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Panasonic rolls out waterproof, 1Seg-equipped Viera portable TVs


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We don't see as many waterproof TVs as we do waterproof cameras and other gadgets, but Panasonic's just tossed a few more options into the fray, which is says are ideal for use in the kitchen or bathtub. Available in pink, white or black, its new SV-ME75 and SV-ME70 models each boast 5-inch, 480 x 272 displays and 1Seg mobile TV tuners, and are apparently identical in every respect except for some added video recording features on the SV-ME75 (which comes in the form of an SD card slot). Look for each of 'em to hit Japan on June 20th, with the SV-ME70 setting you back ¥38,000 (or about $362) and the SV-ME75 running ¥45,000 (or $429).

[Via New Launches]

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