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Let's talk about those Hummingbird ads ...

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Dear Joystiq Reader,

You may have seen the above ad for a new line of HP laptops, right here on Joystiq. You clicked on a link or voted on a comment and, next thing you know, your comfortable, cozy gaming blog was replaced with a giant, full-page ad featuring a video of ... what is that? Is that a hummingbird?

For some of you, the ad appears multiple times a day; for others, you need to close your browser tab or window to get rid of it; for others still, it comes and goes as intended, but disturbs your browsing experience; and lastly, some may not mind the occasional full-screen ad at all.

We're not fans of the interstitial, but we don't call the shots. All we can do is communicate your indifference and/or displeasure to the people who make those things happen. Ads on Joystiq aren't going away, but ones that interfere with your ablility to read Joystiq should. So, sound off in the comments. We're listening.


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