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Breakfast Topic: Camping out

Amanda Dean

I have a love/hate relationship with Stranglethron Vale. I find the quests to be interesting, and I like the colors used in the zone. It is, however, a hotbed of PvP action. On a PvP server there are always opportunities to gank or be ganked. This tends to lead to an escalation of alts. It goes something like this.

1. You get ganked while killing Bloodscalp Trolls.
2. You resurrect and wait for the perfect opportunity to exact your retribution.
3. They log onto their level 70 and one-shot your level 32 alt.
4. You log into your 70, fold, spindle, and mutilate your foe's 70 until they cry for help.
5. Their buddy joins the fight.
6. Your buddy joins the fight.
7. Half of their guild rushes to STV.
8. Your guild matches their fire power.

It's really interesting to watch something like that happen. I'm not sure how anyone who has no 70s on the server survives the most ganktastic zones in the game. I can't quite comprehend how people can feel compelled to hang out in these zones at high levels just for ganking. I imagine that they're all either bitter about their own leveling experiences, or maybe they're short.

It seems like a lot of players like to set up their own tents near Nessignwary's Expedition on the river in STV. Now I've said before that no one is really out to ruin your day. I'm not sure that that's entirely true. Getting killed once or twice while trying desperately to turn in quests is one thing, but often times we find ourselves staring up at the spirit lady for over and over again. After a while, when alt escalation gets boring, we either spirit rez and head to a different zone, or log off and do something else a while.

Corpse camping is not a reportable form of harassment, so according to Blizzard, this behavior is just fine. My question is, how many ganks does it take for a player to feel like they're being harassed?

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