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Forum Post of the Day: Setting the mood

Amanda Dean

We've asked before where people would like to live or vacation in Azeroth, and have gotten a surprising variety of responses. There are many lovely, scenic, and adventurous places that would be fantastic to visit. But is there anywhere you'd like to go on a date?

Sildurcausius of EU-Arathor (who needs an easier name to spell) asked on the EU-General forums where he should take his girl on a date in WoW. He said that he's bought a tux and some fireworks for the occasion. Amazingly enough, the responses offered some great suggestions:

  • Delilan of Nordrassil, "On the cliffs at Hinterlands is very preeeetty at sunset on a clear day..And feels like a romantic sorta place.." (followed by "Cant believe I just typed that")
  • Nyala of Steamwheedle Cartel, "In Feralas, the Twin Colossals. There is an npc near them that will teleport you to the top of one of the colossals. At the top is an npc who sells parachutes that allow you to jump down safely."
  • Erinys of Vashj, "The view from the hunting lodge balcony in loch modan is pretty especially at sunset and sunrise."
  • Thundernut of Quel'Thalas, "Perpetual autumn, very nice trees here. The sky is an orange/pinkish glow at night. If you like water an island in the bay of storms also gives a pretty view.

It looks like all of the pretty places are in alliance territory. Some people mentioned that real-life romantic gestures are better than in-game ones. Ulyaoth of Khadgar said "Take her somewhere nice ingame if you like. But after that, go out with her, hold her hand, and appreciate having her physically with you, and treasure it."

I think an in-game date is a wonderful ideal. WoW is Even though my boyfriend and I play side-by-side, it would be nice to sometime share some quality WoW time that doesn't involve Blade's Edge Arena. Although differently so, we both have an appreciation for art, and can become awestruck with the beauty and creativity of the game designers. WoW is something that we love to share, we might as well make an evening of it.

Shariz of Kazzak mentioned that he is looking for a good place in game to propose to his girlfriend. Thus he is reading with interest. Good luck, both of you two.

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