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LucasArts: next-gen Indy still in development


The "next-gen" console adventures of Henry "Indiana" Jones, Jr. will continue ... and not just in LEGO form. LucasArts has confirmed to Joystiq that the Indiana Jones title first revealed in 2006 is still in development internally at the company's San Francisco offices. Despite yesterday's staff downsizing, there are "no plans to outsource its development to an external studio."

As previously reported, the new Indy title will make use of the Euphoria animation engine from NaturalMotion. LucasArts is also employing Euphoria in The Force Unleashed, and we've already gotten a taste of what to expect from GTA IV's stunning character interaction. Development of "Next-Gen Indy" moving ahead at full steam hopefully means we'll learn more about the title at next month's E3.

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