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    Sony's PlayStation 3 gets re-reviewed: Blu-ray abilities smiled upon

    Darren Murph

    It may be tough to remember back, but when Sony's PlayStation 3 launched well above the price of its two rivals, many were immediately turned off. Reviewers everywhere panned the system for being too pricey, forcing Blu-ray upon the unsuspecting public, and being quite limited in home theater applications. Fast forward to today, and everything has changed. BD is the sole next-gen format, Sony has slashed the price, and its internal components have enabled it to keep up with the Profile changes while standalone decks get left in the proverbial dust. The folks over at ArsTechnica took the time to sit back down with the PS3 now that the tables have turned, and unsurprisingly, they found a lot more to like this 'go round. For HD aficionados in particular, the console is simply hard to ignore, as it still stands as the "most affordable fully-featured HD disc player on the market." Check out the full re-review below to see if Sony's latest console really is your best bet.

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