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Strong Bad game gets delayed until July

Justin McElroy

To us laymen, game design doesn't seem terribly hard. Take, for example, Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People. It's being made by Telltale, which has already made an episodic humor game. Shouldn't it then be a simple matter of hitting Ctrl+F, finding all the "Sam and Max"'s and replacing them with "Strong Bad"s? Apparently, even this rudimentary task has proved too much for Telltale, as it has announced that the game's release has been pushed from its original window (June) into next month.

The company said that it needed the extra time to "polish," which we imagine involves removing the various chipsets and memory unit boards the game is running on and buffing them with Endust and an old T-shirt to a brilliant sheen. Why does that take so long? Why is it even necessary? We just don't know.

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