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T-Mobile files suit against Starbucks over WiFi transition to AT&T

Ryan Block, @ryan

That deal AT&T whipped out of their hats to take over T-Mobile's position as sole provider of WiFi at Starbucks? Turns out T-Mo is pissed about how the transition has gone down, and has filed suit against the buxx alleging collusion with AT&T, despite their supposedly exclusive agreement. Apparently T-Mo was basically allowed to run out its time serving and promoting WiFi service while Starbucks shops slowly converted over to AT&T. But T-Mo feels like it's basically been pushed out (you don't say!), claiming only two markets (San Antonio and Bakersfield) have actually legitimately transitioned to AT&T -- far too little for Starbucks to come off like T-Mo service is done and over. We don't know how much the suit's worth in damages, but it sounds like they'll be after a lot more cash than their magenta-related filings have brought in.

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