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Pingie brings TUAW's WWDC coverage to your phone

Scott McNulty

Today marks the official start of WWDC, and we at TUAW plan to cover the heck out of it. As always you can check out all of our coverage at our WWDC 2008 page, via our RSS feed, or by following us on Twitter (assuming Twitter stays up during the keynote).

I know what you're thinking: why can't TUAW send the most important news from WWDC right to my phone? Thanks to Pingie, we can! Head on over to TUAW's Pingie page to enter your phone number and we'll send you news throughout the week directly to your phone.

You can also subscribe to TUAW's Pingie posts simply by texting 'ping tuaw' to 95495 and if you're had enough of our ramblings you can stop the notifications by texting 'ping stop' to the same number.

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