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Ubisoft still 'strongly supports' PSP

Jason Dobson

While some may be giving Sony's handheld the cold shoulder, Ubisoft has come forward to give the old girl some love, caressing the PSP's supple buttons and running fingers down her sexy back ... lit display. The company recently told that it views the portable as an important component of the video game market, reaffirming that it "strongly supports the PSP."

The comments were made as part of thinly veiled damage control following criticisms by Ubi's UK managing director Rob Cooper last week levied at Sony for its "directionless" PSP strategy -- particularly compared to the gangbusters success enjoyed by the DS. Even so, it's a course the publisher is keen to keep following, confirming that it plans to publish 12 or so games for the portable this fiscal year. What names exactly will make the leap to the PSP remain unknown, though Ubi notes that at least some of these will include the company's "top-selling brands," giving us reason to think that Sam Fisher and that cel-shaded Prince may be unbuttoning the PSP's potential very soon.

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