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Blue Oasis to mellow out WiiWare worldwide?


The German USK ratings board site has been updated with a listing for a Wii game called My Aquarium from Hudson, which is probably the Blue Oasis WiiWare game whose announcement was fully and righteously overshadowed by Alien Crush. Blue Oasis hits the Japanese Wii Shop on June 24th, and this rating hints that it could make its way to Europe, at least, soon afterward.

Blue Oasis is a customizable virtual aquarium that allows players to change backgrounds and add the decorations and (most importantly) fish of their own choosing. It will feature simulated fish food and varying levels of light based on the real weather conditions reported by the Forecast Channel. Maybe it's because we're kind of high-strung, but an extremely relaxed aquarium sim like this doesn't really sound bad for five bucks.

[Via Siliconera]

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