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High Voltage details The Conduit, plans Q1 2009 release

Jason Dobson

Developer High Voltage has announced plans to have its upcoming Wii-exclusive FPS The Conduit on store shelves in the first quarter of 2009. Built upon the company's impressive Quantum 3 engine, The Conduit promises a mature theme and "some of the best visuals seen to date" for the Wii, as well as both single and competitive online multiplayer gameplay.

The game also feels like one studio's attempt to prove a point, namely that the Wii is more than just a platform for casual games and shovelware. Says High Voltage chief creative officer Eric Nofsinger, The Conduit aims to provide players with "the kind of title they imagined back when the platform was first announced." Still lacking a publisher, the studio notes companies have been beating down the door since the game was first revealed, but that High Voltage is still hunting for a "perfect partner," one we imagine with bedroom eyes and excellent insulation.

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