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JVC Victor rolls out new Alneo XA-V series DAPs for Japan


It's been quite a while since we've seen one of JVC Victor's Aleno players, but it looks like the line is still going strong in Japan, where the company has just announced three new XA-V series models. Those include the XA-V80, XA-V40, and XA-V20, which come loaded with 8GB, 4GB, and 2GB of storage, respectively, and include a 2-inch, 220 x 176 display, JVC's proprietary "K2" audio-enhancing technology, and a promised 25 hours or so of battery life (or six doing video), among other fairly standard specs. Look for these to run you between $180 and $250 depending on the capacity, with each set to be available in your choice of blue, black, white or red when they land in early July.

[Via Impress]

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