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New screens, video, 'tech demo' for Telltale's Strong Bad

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It won't be long now. Despite a short delay into the far-off month of July (or: "next month"), Telltale's episodic adaptation of Strong Bad – delicately titled Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People – will be opening mail on WiiWare and PC shortly. To get you in the mood, Telltale just dropped a handful of new screens along with a new gameplay video on our doorstep (seriously, just left it there).

What we'd really like for you to check out is the "tech demo" showing off the game's incredible engine. Series creators Matt and Mike Chapman write that their "engine is about 98% finished" but they're still having "some trouble with the fence physics or 'phensics' as they say in the gaming industry." It's true, the phensics don't look quite right ...

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