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Nintendo says: Only geeks and otaku want a harddrive

Candace Savino

Are you running out of storage space on your Wii? Then Laurent Fischer of NoE thinks you must be a big nerd. When asked about storage dilemmas at a recent press event, the managing director of marketing replied that only "geeks and otaku" want this issue addressed. Burn! We're not denying that we're geeks, mind you, but considering how much money video game addicts like us pump into Nintendo, you'd think they'd try to be a bit less dismissive.

Edge Magazine
also points out some other flaws in the WiiWare service. For one, Nintendo is leaving it up to bloggers and journalists to promote WiiWare titles, as the company doesn't plan to spend much money marketing the service or its games. Another issue is the interface for the shopping channel, in which WiiWare titles can get lost easily once a lot of games start showing up -- just look at the problems that XBLA is facing.

Although we enjoy the service, WiiWare can certainly stand to be improved in a few areas. Let's just hope Nintendo is willing to meet developers and consumers halfway.

[Via MTV Multiplayer]

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