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Gamefly offers up special Xbox Live offer

Dustin Burg

For those about to jump into the Gamefly game rental waters, we've come across a promotional offer that'll sweeten the deal and make the entire jumping in process a little easier.

Gamefly currently has a promotion running where they're offering all Xbox Live subscribers their first month of rentals for only $5.95 PLUS they're throwing in 400 Microsoft points for free. That's of course for one rental at a time, but you can up your rentals to two for $9.95 (again, only the first month) and still get the free MS points. Note that this offer is only good for new Gamefly accounts and the monthly fee will get jacked back up to a minimum of $15.95 a month. But, like we said, it's a good introductory offer if you were thinking about doing the whole Gamefly thing anyway.

[Thanks, Adam L]

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