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Got space on the brain?

Tateru Nino

Make a space in your life as well, to come and visit Spaceport Alpha and Spaceport Bravo in Second Life on June 14, the anniversary for these two fantastic sims.

The International Spaceflight Museum (ISM), which resides on Alpha and Bravo, is a solely Second Life build, which provides exhibits and hosts events about real-world spacecraft and space exploration. A real-life organization has been created to support the museum; the ISM Corporation, a Kansas non-profit corporation.

Head on down and join in the fun: musical performances, auctions and raffles run from noon onwards, you get to meet a whole host of other folk interested in supporting the museum, and you and your friends can explore the museum while you're there!

The Saturn V rocket is the largest rocket exhibit at the ISM, and it needs your help! By entering a bid on eBay, you can sponsor this exhibit for the next six months, thereby ensuring its future and therefore also supporting the whole museum. There will also be a raffle in which a model of the Saturn V can be won.

This anniversary also heralds the opening of the new gift shop annex inside the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB). A lot of the items there will be discounted for the period of the anniversary celebrations only.

Self-guided tours of the museum are available, however ISM staff will also be around the site to answer questions.

The musical lineup is as follows:
1:00 pm Phoe Nix
2:00 pm Chronic Skronski
3:00 pm Bara Jonson
6:00 pm Noma Falta
7:00 pm until closing Cypress Rosewood
(All times SLT/US Pacific time)

For a sneak peek at the Saturn V, check out

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