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Windy x Windam's new characters include another familiar face


The Windy x Windam website now reveals more of the Ninja Studio fighting game's cast. Of the new additions, you'll recognize Shino, who joins Izuna from Ninja Studio's Izuna roguelike series. The game's Vega (agile, masked, and creepy) quotient is being filled by the green-haired G, while the role of the Big Grappling Guy has gone to ... Big.

The "system" area features a couple of new screenshots, including one of G transforming into some kind of monster. In addition to the life gauge and "boost" gauge, there's a circular "Windam Gauge" that seems to have something to do with power. Super attack gauge, maybe?

There's a wallpaper of the boxart image in the "special" page. We're still not sure of Ninja Studio's ability to create a fighting game, but what they have so far looks neat!


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