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EverQuest 2 senior producer announces new zone, live content

Michael Zenke

Bruce Ferguson, senior producer on EverQuest 2, has put up a letter on the official game website outlining a number of the new gameplay pieces coming over the new few months. Tying into the Living Legacy promotion, numerous live events are slated to explore the world of Norrath like never before. Most exciting is Ferguson's announcement that the city of Veksar will be introduced to the game, a player-favorite from the days of the original EverQuest. Once submerged on the floor of the Lake of Ill Omen, where it stands in the Norrath of EQ2 is anyone's guess.

Ferguson also touches on some of the initiatives we've explored here on the site, like the revamp to the Runnyeye dungeon, the Void Invasion, and upcoming double XP weekends. If you're wondering when you can get double your effort, the first opportunity starts tomorrow! 6.14.08 - 6.15.08 and 6.28.08 - 6.29.08 are the weekends in question; make sure to read the full letter to get all the details.

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