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THQ investor presentation reveals release windows for Super Hero Squad, Master Mind

THQ, despite receiving some bad press regarding their bottom line, still has investors -- as such, they still have presentations explaining to their investors how breathtaking their games are. We usually gloss right over said morsels of self-congratulation, as they rarely contain anything other than boring sales charts and demographic research, but a recent THQ investor informer actually contained some new, worthwhile information concerning the company's plans for next year.

Skipping past the slightly humorous claim that Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 is the unattributed "#1 Fighting Game", THQ revealed release windows for three of their "bigger" properties: an entry in their long-held but never used Ultimate Fighting Championship franchise (Spring '09), their youth-oriented crime fighting title Marvel Super Hero Squad (Fall '09), and a Fall 2010 release window for their adaptation of Dreamworks' upcoming film Master Mind, echoing the movie's initial release date. This information was immediately followed by hopeful sales charts to prove that the company will, in fact, still be in operation in 2010.

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