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EA Sports wants to make your fantasy (football) come true

Kevin Kelly

Electronic Arts is dogpiling new features onto their Fantasy Football service in an effort to get people to migrate from the siren-like call of other fantasy football sites, including the ever-popular (and free) one at Yahoo. EA has created both a free fantasy football website as well as downloadable applications for both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network that will be available for an as yet-unannounced fee. Both services will give you the ability to manage your fantasy teams and track stats through the extremely long-named EA SPORTS Fantasy Football Live Score Tracker application.

However, what really caught our eye in the press release was this: "The fantasy scores can be viewed in two ways: full screen mode with complete rosters and details or picture-in-picture mode which allows gamers to keep an eye on scoring updates while watching live football action." Is EA magically adding live television to our consoles? If so, thank you, wonderful elves! We've contacted EA about this and will pass (get it?) an update once we have it. Oh, you'll also be able to import your fantasy team into Madden NFL 09 and pit them against other players. Finally, we'll have fantasy fantasy football.

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