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Fallen Earth's hit and damage system explained

Shawn Schuster

Let's face it, we love to kill stuff in our games. It doesn't even have to be a multiplayer game where we kill each other; we just like to kill stuff, period. In this regard, when a new MMO releases, we're always curious about the combat system. Age of Conan's combat system seems to be a big hit among players, which adds so much to the overall game experience.

So when we hear about the hit and damage system in Fallen Earth, and how it will work within the game, we're even more excited about this upcoming Icarus Studios title. Apparently, as we already know, there will be a first-person and third-person view mode, but these will also change while in aim mode. It sounds to us that the whole aiming process will be handled much as is done in Tabula Rasa, except not as much of the automatic or "sticky" aiming. There's also a good discussion on weapon types and weapon damage in this article, some of which gets fairly specific when it comes to what damage these weapon types will do exactly. The rest of the damage system seems fairly straightforward, with defense skills, attributes, resistances, mutations and special items all playing a role in how protected you will be from the various weapon damage.

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