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X3F Live Online Now! [Update]

Update: Well, it seems that no internet was any match for a decent game of Team Fortress 2. All of us (Xav, Richard and Dustin) attempted to get a game going but twice it crashed and once it was so laggy your character went for a swim in the 2Fort water without your permission! So. That in mind, tomorrow night at 9:30 PM - 11:30 PM we're going to host a roundtable of Halo 3 madness! Join us tomorrow and let us all thank Team Fortress 2's bad connection for a great time! Thaaaaaaaaank Youuuuuuuuu.

Just so the entire night isn't a bust. Some of our team are going to play some random online games and would love for you to join up. If you see any of us online playing, drop us a line and request an invite!

Original Post: That's right kids. Right now you are invited to jump onto Xbox Live and partake in some quality games of Bomberman Live and Team Fortress 2!

As usual add X3FLIVE to your friends list and use the Friends of Friends feature to track down Richard (SenseiRam), Dustin (SuperDunners), Alexander (Sli Xander) and/or Xav (Snypz) and try to jump into an open session. We still need to set up a telethon to save Terrence's internets.

So to recap. Just join the game in progress and if you don't find your way in send Xav (Gamertag Snypz) a message requesting to be invited. We are going to try and get as many people in the game as possible!

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