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Hanbit's Pepper Pad 3 returns with Intel's Atom inside

Darren Murph

Whoa, has it been a hot minute since we've seen a Pepper Pad 3 or what? Straight from the depths of left field comes Hanbit's Pepper Pad 3, this time with a slightly more adept processor at the helm. Reportedly showcased ever-so-quietly at Computex (alongside a Tablet PC prototype), this critter was purportedly packing an Intel Atom CPU and a Linux-based OS. Further specifications included a 7-inch VGA touchscreen, QWERTY (loose interpreters, we see) keypad, integrated WiFi and a 20GB / 30GB hard drive. Not a clue when this thing is scheduled to slip out, but it will certainly give the Everun a run for its money in the ugly department.

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