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LapWorks Gamers Desk enables couch-based PC gaming

Darren Murph

Or you could say it enables you to keep your fundament firmly planted for, oh, ever. Yes friends, LapWorks' Gamers Desk essentially eliminates the need to get up and move over to the family PC where a mouse / keyboard combo can guide you to victory in yet another deathmatch. This lapboard (no, not that Lapboard) keeps a keyboard and mouse within reach of couch-based gamers, enabling them to fire up WoW on their HTPC and still maintain the edge afforded to them by using the aforementioned KB / critter tandem. The unit itself measures 11-inches wide by 26.75-inches across, is made from ABS plastic and includes non-skid rubber pads on the underside to keep it from slipping around in that pile of Doritos. It's available now in gun-metal gray for $39.95, but a few more hues should be ready to roll later this year for those patient enough to wait around.

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