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Fallen Earth is feature complete and alpha ready

Matt Warner

Fallen Earth, a post apocalyptic MMOG set in the year 2156, has officially hit the alpha milestone. A working foundation is up and running that consists of clans, raids, PvP, auction house, and in-game mail. Tons of improvements were made over the past six months to get to the alpha stage and the hard work is paying off. The art department made huge strides in the vehicular arena by creating an array of new vehicle models from muscle cars to motorcycles to all-terrain vehicles. The graphics engine showcases new and improved effects, textures, models, and more robust environment options. When it comes down to the bread and butter, over three thousand missions have been implemented, not a surprise since we reported earlier implemented content was already 75% complete.

Hopefully, it won't be long now until we are running around Fallen Earth's Grand Canyon setting and throwing some Molotov cocktails around! Icarus Studios isn't accepting public beta or alpha applicants yet, but be sure to sign up to the Fallen Earth newsletter so you don't miss out when the application process does ramp up.

[via Warcry]

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