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Limited edition Metal Gear Solid 4 watch surfaces

Darren Murph

Need some way to express your adoration for Solid Snake when not inside the house? Then check out this limited edition piece, would you? The Metal Gear Solid 4 watch will reportedly arrive individually numbered from 1 to 500 alongside a "Konami certificate of authenticity approved by Hideo Kojima." You'll also get a nifty gift box to hold the water resistant timepiece in when it's not flanking your wrist, but only if you manage to score one before the legions of other hardcore fans do. Oddly enough, there's some sort of "pre-order" going on in the read link below, but we wouldn't count on that being the most reliable method for procuring the £99.99 ($197) device when it's released in October.

[Via TechDigest]

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