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Wynn Las Vegas nets HD VOD and WiFi

Darren Murph

We've already seen Cox bring HDTV to The Donald's Las Vegas Hotel & Tower, but now cross town street rival Wynn is about to get its own dash of HD upgrades. Cox Business/Hospitality Network will be providing wired and wireless internet to Encore at Wynn Las Vegas, and furthermore, it'll be stringing free-to-guest programming in both SD and HD flavors to both the Encore and Wynn proper. Patrons will notice revised navigation menus rendered in high-definition, and the HD VOD platform will enable them to get instantly gratified when returning from a long night at the tables. Specific stations aren't listed, but CB/HN promises that guests will be treated to "a wide variety of HD and digital channels and on demand Hollywood blockbusters in HD." Your move, Luxor.

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