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AT&T gives Motorola an award, Motorola proceeds to gloat

Darren Murph

Look, everyone knows things aren't exactly gangbusters over at Motorola right now, but it's downright depressing when you've got to pat your own self on the back for an award given to you by AT&T. Even worse, the Outstanding Supplier recognition "in the area of teamwork" seems like something that should be expected as one mega-corp works with another, but we digress. Moto was apparently one of 27 that received similar awards, though we haven't tallied up precisely how many others felt the need to publicly gloat. Said Dan Moloney, president of Motorola's Home and Networks Mobility business, "we are delighted to be named amongst AT&T's best of the best in teamwork." And we're delighted for you, Mr. Moloney.

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