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CodexNovus intros new DML / DMS media servers

Darren Murph

It's been a hot minute since we've seen any new kit from CodexNovus, but just recently the firm upped its DML offers and introduced the all new DMS-6000, all of which are worth taking a look at. Picking up where the 400GB DML-400 and 1TB DML-1000 left off, the 1.6TB DML-1600 enables owners to store loads of data, send out multiple streams of media to other HDcodex Players and Player / Servers and view / listen to networked media in surround sound / 1080p. If you're desperately in need of a place to actually house all of that media you don't own just yet, the rack-mountable 6TB DMS-6000 (pictured) should hold plenty. We haven't heard any pricing details yet, but judging by history, we don't reckon they'll be cheap.

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