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Bad Company parodies Gears and Rainbow Six

Dustin Burg

Following in the sneaky footsteps of their Metal Gear Solid 4 parody, DICE just released two more Battlefield: Bad Company parodies, this time targeting Gears of War and Rainbow Six. And again, they caused us to chuckle uncontrollably.

The first promo vid takes on Gears of War's unforgettable "Mad World" trailer, where the B Company crew comes up with their own, more happy rendition that incorporates a musical injection of shortening bread. High-larious! The Rainbow Six parody, embedded after the break, is also enjoyable as it mocks the over exaggerated, charades-style communication style RS soldiers are known for. You must admit, that even if you aren't interested in the game, it's refreshing to see EA and DICE take this kind of entertaining marketing approach. They get the X3F seal of approval.

[Via Joystiq]

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