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Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine Special iPhone Edition


For quite a few years, I've enjoyed getting Windows Mobile news from a traditional print magazine called Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine that does a great job of covering the use of mobile tech in the enterprise. The magazine was called Pen Computing back in the old Newton MessagePad / Palm days, but Executive Editor and Publisher Hal Goldstein moved with the market and changed the title and focus of the mag.

They're following another industry trend, as recent issues have had a number of iPhone articles. Many compare one Windows Mobile phone or another to the iPhone, wondering if a Sony Ericsson EXPERIA X1 or HTC Touch Diamond is going to be the "iPhone Killer".

I was glad to see that the magazine is looking beyond the comparisons to a special iPhone edition ($14.95) to be published in August (cover mockup at right). A quick glance at their Web site showed that TUAW is one of the "Best Web Sites" for iPhone, so they're obviously doing their homework. ;-)

The publication date in August ensures that many of the App Store products and iPhone 3G accessories to be announced will end up in the special edition. It should be a fun collectible to look at 10 years from now!

In the interest of full disclosure, I've been on the Smartphone & Pocket PC Board of Experts for several years, evaluating software for the annual Best Software Awards issue.

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