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Man's Wii Fit experiment comes to an end, 15 pounds shed


As you may recall, Mickey DeLorenzo rose to some degree of internet stardom a little over a year ago by dropping a whopping nine pounds using Wii Sports as his sole exercise routine and, after packing on a few pounds, he decided to give it another go using Nintendo's latest weight-shedding wonder: Wii Fit. Unlike a certain other would-be success story, DeLorenzo actually managed to complete his experiment, and the results are fairly impressive. After 45 days, he managed to shed a full 15 pounds, or about 2.56 pounds a week, and he dropped his body fat % from 20.8% to 18.4%. Of course, DeLorenzo admits that doing anything involving movement an extra 60 minutes a day will result in some weight loss, but he seems pretty sold on the benefits of Wii Fit, saying that it made it "especially easy" to work the training into his daily life.

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