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Submerge yourself in the world of Mister Slime


We may not have LocoRoco or even World of Goo on the DS, but we do have a sludgy platforming hero of our own: Mister Slime. Little Slimy will be setting out in his self-titled platforming adventure next month, and we've got some exclusive gameplay tips for all future gamers looking to protect the gooey guy's home village from the invasion of evil Axons. Stretch out and get comfortable -- we've got all the info you'll need after the break!

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Little Slimy is all set to become leader of the slimes -- if he can get strong enough and defend his people. But how will he manage a future peace? That's up to you, intrepid gamer. Gaining new abilities will not only help Slimy along his journey but it will also help him discover the origin of the feud between the Slimes and the Axons. Knowledge is power, after all. But how do you do it? Read on.


In every world, Slimy will have objectives that he must accomplish in order to reach the end of each stage. These are shown under Slimy's picture on the top screen. In this screen you will also see a handy compass that points in the direction of each objective, as well as a health bar that curls around the compass in a circle. Using the compass can be beneficial when the location of an objective is unclear.

Slimy has four arms which he can use to swing across anchors, swim, and float in the air. Slimy can make his way through the world by either stretching out one of his hands until he can reach an anchor or by simply tapping the anchor with the stylus if he is close enough. Once Slimy has a good hold, use another hand to reach for another anchor. By repeating this motion, you can move Slimy in whichever direction you please.

To float, blow into the DS microphone. This can help Slimy reach remote areas and also help him avoid dangerous bugs. Maneuvering Slimy underwater takes some practice; using one of his arms like a paddle, quickly shake the stylus up and down in the opposite direction you want to move in. For example, to move slimy to the right while underwater, shake his arm to the left of the screen. It is also important to keep in mind that Slimy has a limited air supply, so maneuver him onto one of the numerous underwater air pockets and blow into the DS microphone to give Slimy some oxygen!

Later on in the game, Slimy gains the ability to catapult himself like a slingshot at unsuspecting foes. First, have Slimy grab at least one anchor (if he grabs more anchors, he can launch himself farther at greater speeds), then press and hold either the L or R button. Then, stretch him as far back as he will go, aim, and fire! Not only can this skill be used to knock out flying enemies, but it can also be used to traverse some otherwise precarious situations.


The world of Mr. Slime is not always safe, as there are different wall types that can either help or hinder Slimy's quest. These wall types are easily recognizable by the type of surface they have. First, there are the normal thin-lined walls, which don't harm Slimy if he touches them, but will cause damage if he falls from too great a height or if he hits them too hard. The soft, wavy walls have a lot of cushion, and will not harm Slimy even if he goes crashing into it. Spiked walls are dangerous, and will take away Slimy's health if touched. Accelerator ramps, denoted by walls with a series of small rounded dots, are fun to use and can lead Slimy to new areas. Sponge walls are usually present between dry land and water, and work as a sort of penetrable barrier that players can pass through, albeit slowly. Ice floors allow Slimy to slide across its frictionless surface quickly and effortlessly. Rounded walls act like trampolines, and will bounce Slimy in the direction in which it is faced. Try aiming yourself at one of these walls and start a bouncy chain reaction.

As Slimy explores new levels and worlds, he will encounter new and challenging obstacles, including anchors with special properties. Some anchors will react to Slimy's weight, and will break if he is carrying any additional objects in his arms. There are also anchors that will disappear and reappear over time, as well as anchors that break once they have been used. There are even anchors that are either frozen or on fire, and touching these anchors will either freeze Slimy's arms or set him ablaze! In addition, there are moving anchors that will move along a set course once Slimy has grabbed onto them. Some of these moving anchors may lead Slimy into disaster, so be sure to pay attention and get off the ride before you crash!

But you can do more than just grab anchors. He can also grab onto items to put into his inventory, as well as use his hands to wipe certain objects (and enemies!) off the screen. This can be used to find hidden items and candies, as well as uproot dangerous plants and swat away bothersome flies.


Throughout the game, Slimy will come across red life candy. These can be used immediately by maneuvering Slimy directly over 'em. Each life candy replenishes one life point, while a large life candy will refill Slimy's entire health bar. If you would like to save the candy for later, you can grab it using one of Slimy's hands, and it'll go into his inventory, ready for future use.

Strewn about the world are objects that can grant Slimy temporary abilities in his quest. Some of these include different types of fruits that can give Slimy longer arms, the ability to repel bugs, and an increased ability to breathe underwater. In addition, objects such as helmets can absorb damage up to three times, special flowers can make enemies fall asleep, and bombs can stop enemies dead in their tracks!

Status Effects

There are several different types of negative status effects that can hinder Slimy's progress. If Slimy is shot by a plant projectile, he can undergo a variety of effects, including having shorter arms and swelling, which causes Slimy to become extremely heavy and take heavier damage than normal. Slimy can also be paralyzed, whether it is by electric seaweed or other dangerous enemies. Slimy's arms can also freeze if he touches a frozen anchor (rub his arms with the stylus to de-thaw) and he can catch on fire if he touches a flame anchor or if he falls into lava (blow on the DS microphone to put the flames out!). In addition, there are powerful enemies who can wrap Slimy up like a mummy, preventing him from using his arms unless you unwrap him using the stylus.


Though Slimy travels a long and arduous journey, he does not do so alone (thank goodness). At times, you'll enlist the help of other slimes, and even the slimes' rivals, the Axons. Axons draw powers from the elements, and have the ability to harness Air (to allow Axon to follow Slimy around the map), Water (to put out flames), Fire (to thaw out frozen anchors), and Stone (to break down stone walls) to their whim. These abilities are available for use by drawing special symbols on the touch screen with the stylus while pressing and holding either the L or R buttons.

Secret Levels

Hidden in each world are secret bonus levels that are unlockable by collecting all of the star flowers strewn throughout each map. Some of these flowers are relatively simple to collect; others can be placed in very hard-to-reach locations. The others? Deeply hidden.


Up to two people can participate in multiplayer wi-fi, provided that both people have a copy of the game. There are three different multiplayer game types, which can each be played on a variety of levels. The first one is racing, in which two determined slimes battle it out in a test of wits and quick reflexes. The second one is a star flower scavenger hunt, where players are given a time limit in order to collect as many star flowers as they can. The third game is a score challenge, where players must combine both their flower scavenging skills and their monster hunting abilities to achieve the highest score.

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