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Blizzard teaser image is mysterious, evolving

Justin McElroy

If you've been to one of several Blizzard-owned sites recently, you've probably seen something similar to the above image, a mysterious teaser that's taken over several of their front pages. Today, the image evolved slightly, sending the internet into a frenzy of waiting patiently for new information to be released. ... No, no, we're kidding of course, it's the internet. Have you two met?

The internet has been speculating wildly, and our sister site WoW Insider has been there to document it with an almost disturbing amount of detail. Right now, the camps are split between people who think it's teasing the Wrath of the Lich King beta and those who think a Diablo 3 announcement is imminent. We'd like to posit a third theory: What you see there is clearly ice, and who lives in Iceland? Vikings, that's who. Perhaps even a few lost vikings? Mystery = solved.

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