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Brawl Stage of the Week: Hueco Mundo

Candace Savino

This week's stage is by IGN user Tabris_Arkangel, who had a lot of custom levels to choose from. We ended up picking "Heco Mundo" [sic] because 1) it rocks, and 2) when do you ever see a Bleach stage, really? We've featured a lot of stages here, many of them themed. But Bleach? That's not a concept we often come across.

Heco Mundo by Tabris_Arkangel

Based on Hueco Mundo (which is the accurate spelling), the dimension where the hollows reside in the Bleach-verse, we really like this interpretation. Hueco Mundo is just that -- a "hollow world" -- and this stage captures that essence well. It looks barren, dead, eerie, and yet at the same time, visually appealing.

Great stage structure aside, though, this level is simply fun to play on. It may feel a little too big at times, but wherever you brawl, you're likely to enjoy yourself. You never feel too enclosed, and always have a chance of knocking someone out of the board.


1. Download this file
2. Save it to an SD card in the following location:
  • US versions of Brawl: \private\wii\app\RSBE\st\st_080618_1606.bin
  • Japanese versions of Brawl: \private\wii\app\RSBJ\st\st_080618_1606.bin
3. Put the SD card with the file on it in your Wii and start up Brawl
4. During the stage selection, click "Melee Stages" in the bottom-right corner
5. Then click "Custom Stages" in the bottom-right corner and choose the custom stage you want to play on (this particular stage is called "Heco Mundo")

Still don't get it? Not sure how to send in your own creation? Other questions on the stage feature? Just email

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You've just read our Stage of the Week feature, in which we showcase some of our favorite user-created Smash Bros. Brawl stages. If you're interested in seeing previous Stage of the Weeks, just click here and browse through!

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