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LotRO interview reveals more on Book 14

Shawn Schuster

In the second part of MMORPG's interview with Lord of the Rings Online's Executive Producer Jeffrey Steefel, we learn more about the final stages of development with LotRO's Book 14. Steefel discusses exactly how this final book of the first volume will unfold before the Mines of Moria expansion arrives on the scene. He also mentions the fact that Moria will not be considered Book 15, but instead be referred to as the first book of Volume 2.

Despite the wild success of the fishing system, there will not be another hobby introduced until Moria, he says. The live event system, which has been in under-the-radar development since launch, is the largest focus of Book 14 . With a little help from their cohorts at Asheron's Call, they will build a new event-triggering system based on a number of variables including a schedule, a time of day, a specific day or other in-game triggers. This feature seems to add more dimension to what has already proven to be one of the most incredible parts of this immersive game.

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