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Apple sends out iPhone 3G "questions" memo to retail stores

Cory Bohon

According to AppleInsider, Apple has started issuing memos stressing how to answer questions from customers that might come up between now and the iPhone 3G launch event on July 11th. According to the 3-page memo, there will be no waiting list for the iPhone (wow, this is a "duh" question -- they've never done this for any of their in-store releases).

The memo also states what to do if customers ask the dreaded question of "which is better, iPod touch or iPhone 3G?" According to the memo, employees are supposed to tell the customer that the iPhone carries a 2-year contract with AT&T. When asked about iPhone activations, employees are to respond that they "do not have any information at the present time."

AppleInsider notes that Apple will be holding a worldwide meeting on July 6 with retail employees (possibly both AT&T and Apple Store) to discuss launch procedures for the iPhone 3G. You can read more about the long memo by clicking the read link below.

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