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Lionhead refuses to comment on Molyneux's Fable 2 Oct. release hint

Dustin Burg

At the very beginning of Lionhead's latest Fable 2 Video Diary 6, Mr. Peter Molyneux can be seen sitting at his desk with pen and paper in hand, circling boxing-in the word "October" on a piece of paper. We actually spotted Molyneux's mysterious October hint yesterday when we posted the video diary, but now we're even more suspicious about its meaning after Lionhead refused to comment on the video or the October date when Eurogamer asked for more details. An official October Fable 2 release date? An elaborate trick by the Lionhead crew? Or does Molyneux simply utilize the stress relieving technique of writing down one's favorite month and boxing it in with a pen? You be the judge.

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