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Our frothing demand for this game increases.* After all, the Sly Cooper series offered some of the prettiest and most fun experiences on PS2. So when Sucker Punch – the folks behind the raccoon – makes an open-world game with super powers and drool-worthy looks, we're all over it.

The UK's semi-official PS3 blog, Three Speech, got its digi-mitts on three new screens from inFAMOUS, which, according to the site, will be keeping GameStop employees asking if we want to pre-order it until ... 2009. Still, we'll also surely be seeing more of the game next month at E3. We'd better. Or ... or ... our frothing demand for this game will probably stay just about the same.

*Thanks to IGN for the use of their Ikaruga (GCN) box cover quote to kick off this post.

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