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Black Rhodium HDMI cables hit "every price point" except ours

Darren Murph

Actually, we're being too kind. It hits every price point except the one below "absurdly inflated." For whatever reason, Black Rhodium figures it can get away with launching a pricey new line of HDMI cables that are "engineered for optimum performance at every price point," yet the cheapest one is a full £35 ($69)... and that's for a 0.5-meter edition. The sure-to-be-noticeably-faster (ahem) Sapphire HiSpeed cables boast gold-plated connectors, copper conductors and meet the ridiculous demands of HDMI 1.3b . Oh, and they go for £75, £130 and £180 for the 1/5/7.5-meter models. Sure, maybe these aren't quite as baffling as Monster Cables, but they're way too close for comfort.

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