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Forum post of the day: Live(ish) Feeds

Amanda Dean

I was kind of surprised when I found out how much of the World Wide Invitational was going to be broadcast live. I was bummed that I couldn't make it to Paris, but I'm grateful for all the coverage we've seen of the event. The production and distribution value of the live feeds have left a lot to be desired. The spotty video has frustrated many viewers.

Zoff of EU-Twilight's Hammer took some time to vent about the specific issues with the streaming coverage. He feels that the stage is too large , and the camera angle makes it difficult to see much the event. The intense blue background doesn't help much either. One gripe I've heard over and over that the announcers are loud and annoying, with little grasp of the content they're discussing. Much of the rest of that thread debates the merits of using both English and French at the conference.

Fans are also disappointed with the live raid feed. Skellyhell of EU-The Maelstrom began a thread where people expressed their grievances with the live-stream coverage. of Nihilum's venture into the Sunwell Plateau raid instance. The raid is mostly footage of the participants rather than in-game footage of the actual raid event.

I have to admit, I've shied away from the live broadcast. I was pleased with Jenny Lees' live blogging coverage of the opening ceremony without the frustrating glitches. Should we expect a top-notch production quality from Blizzard? Is the live feed of the convention a service to fans that could not be in attendance?

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