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New Nintendo Channel Videos are still getting fit

Candace Savino

A new video of "Get Wii Fit with Alyson" was added to the Nintendo Channel, this time featuring the dancer and friends trying out the yoga exercises. If you think watching someone else do yoga might be exciting, you'd be wrong. The most entertaining part is when Alyson says about the virtual male trainer, "I think I'll call it Brad. You're rad, Brad." Ironically, that's also that part that made us start sobbing, wondering when it would end.

You can also watch "info" videos that promote Alone in the Dark, Order Up!, Magnetica Twist, and a number of other games. The highlight for us was watching Wall-E being adorable in the Wall-E TV Spot, but that's not to say it made us want to buy the Wii title. It did make us want to go and see Wall-E, though.

Here's the full list of the new videos on the Nintendo Channel, for you to check out at your leisure:

  • Get Wii Fit with Alyson: Yoga
  • Magnetica Twist Info Video
  • Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Hall of Fame Induction
  • Cabela's Trophy Bucks Info Video
  • Alone in the Dark Info Video
  • Wall-E TV Spot
  • Order Up! Info Video
  • Paws & Claws Pet Vet Healing Hands TV Spot (DS)
  • My Weight Loss Coach Info Video (DS)
  • Guitar Hero On Tour Launch Video (DS)

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