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No pants: one in five Canadian men have gamed in the nude

Jason Dobson

Canada. It's cold up there. But that hasn't stopped one in five Canadian men tapped by a recent survey from coming clean, admitting that they have played games in the buff. The poll, commissioned by none other than Microsoft, asked about a thousand gamers up North about where and how they get their game on, with 17 percent of those men asked responding that they play games naked. A smaller number of women, 9 percent, indicated that they, too, shed their clothes when it's time to game.

How does this happen, exactly? Do they start off wearing clothes, and then slowly disrobe over an especially heated round of Call of Duty, or are they sans pants from the minute they lay the controller in their lap. You know what, we don't wanna know. And what does such a survey tell us, pray tell? Among other things, when you go over to someone's house to play games, bring your own controller. And disinfectant.

[Via Digital Home Canada]

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