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Uniross rolls out new range of eco-friendly battery chargers


Uniross has already done its part to make batteries slightly more environmentally-friendly, and it now looks like the company is giving a boost to the other end of the equation as well, with it introducing a new range of eco-minded battery chargers. That includes a £40 ($80) solar charger with a USB adapter (pictured above), as well as a £50 (or $100) wind power charger (also above), which comes complete with a bike mount and an integrated lithium ion battery, as well as a USB adapter and ports to charge your cellphone or handheld game console. Those get complemented by a couple of more standard devices, including a 15-minute battery charger, the NOMAD "portable power hub" with a USB adaptor, and a travel clock charger, which packs an alarm clock and promises to charge batteries in less than three hours. Look for the whole lot to be available in August, with those last few setting you back £35, £20, and £30, respectively (or about $70, $40, and $60).

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