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Cablevision to introduce 15 new HD channels

Darren Murph

Let's face it: particularly in the Empire State, Cablevision simply has to elevate its game. With DirecTV and DISH Network offering a multitude of high-def options and Time Warner Cable dishing out a slew of its own, Cablevision has been properly left in the dust. Now, however, the carrier is deciding to do something about it by adding 15 new high-definition channels to its lineup. As of now, we know that Nickelodeon HD, AMC HD, Animal Planet HD, WEtv HD, Weather Channel HD, FX HD, Hallmark Movie Channel HD, FOX News HD and Travel Channel HD will be added, but the rest of the gang remains a mystery. Don't sweat it, though -- select subscribers will see the entire lot as early as July 28th, while the entire service area will be good to go by August 1st.

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