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Rock Band 2's 80+ tracks set to be announced at E3

Dustin Burg

58 has been done before. 60 is too small of a jump. 70 is getting closer, but still isn't awe inspiring. Now 80, 80 is a number that can be celebrated and a number that accurately describes the number of master tracks that will be included with Rock Band 2.

According to an AP interview with the CEO of Harmonix Alex Rigopulos, Rock Band 2 "will feature a playlist of over 80 songs -- all master recordings" including more " female-fronted bands and artists who have never contributed tunes to a music game." Rigopulos also confirmed that in a few weeks during E3, they plan on announcing the entire setlist for the game of which a few tracks have already been leaked. It's also interesting to hear that Harmonix plans on "broadening the musical genres of available downloadable content" for Rock Band, with MTV president Van Toffler mentioning that they plan to take the Rock Band platform and open it up to "the genres of music to country, hip-hop and R&B". Not so "Rock" Band, but musically diverse ... interesting.

[Via Shacknews]

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